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Consulting services

I prefer very odd design projects that may scare away mere mortals. Building prototypes, limited production, or just talking about and solving problems, I can help you turn your idea into the real thing. I specialize in projects related to entertainment and art (although, heck, I'll design and build anything). Whether for TV or movies, kinetic or static art, I can conjure up ideas that can fulfill even the most urbane requirements. And of course, anything solar (visit my business).

My many years in business and design can provide you with new insight into your old (and very aggravating) problems. I have been designing and manufacturing electronic products for over 30 years...that's why I know so danged much.

I also design websites (is there nothing that this guy can't do?) and graphics, although for the really complicated art-stuff, I usually work with the REAL professionals.

I love and live for new challenges that not only teach me something new, but will get you EXACTLY what you want. (No, you do NOT pay for my learning. You only pay for the effort that actually goes into your project).

For charitable institutions, work can be provided on a pro-bono basis.

Contact Terry to discuss your project or other engineering needs at: terry@thegeekking.com or (818) 998-5238 ext.104

Ya know, it doesn't hurt to ask, because there is no charge for me to evaluate your project. I suggest you take a look at my non-disclosure form before contacting me (or any consultant) to protect your rights. I won't be able to discuss your idea with you until we both execute this agreement.

How do you pay? Fee-per-job, retainer, ongoing contract, pay-per-task (progress billing)....this is decided as we review the requirements of the project. And there is always the possibility that I might not be able to produce that miracle you have been seeking. In this case, your money is cheerfully refunded. In other words, I guarantee you satisfaction.

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